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verizon wireless very helpful chat support

We Broke Verizon’s Store!

This morning/last night, we released two coupon codes from Verizon, offering free lightning cables, and free shipping. It was a great deal for the 800+ fans of ours who took advantage, but a terrible deal for them. It turns out that our little leak caused them to shut down their entire coupon system, for all of Verizon Wireless! I can’t keep from laughing at their misfortunate – schadenfreude....

man making ipad out of household materials

How To Build an iPad [Video DIY]

Want an iPad, but can’t afford one? No worries. With a few household items, you can build your own, and save yourself hundreds of dollars in the process. In a recent video by newscaster Conan O’brien, Do-it-yourself correspondent Matt Walsh demonstrated the whole process. It takes just 30 minutes of prep, 12 hours of fermentation, and there you have it, an iPad! Don’t worry....

graph of slow us broadband speeds vs rest of the world

Watch: Sprint Chairman’s Hilarious Rant on America [ Video]

I consider the US to be an advanced nation. We gave birth to Apple, Microsoft, Google, Tesla, and Uber. So why is our internet so damn slow, and so damn expensive? In terms of internet speeds, we’re barely beating the Philippines! Check out one of the funniest men in tech, Masa Son, chairman of sprint, and CEO of Softbank (worth $18 billion by the...

air over time graph google trends

Facebook Engineer Mocks Princeton Study

Recently, Princeton published a controversial study claiming the imminent demise of Facebook. In response, Mike Devlin, a Princeton data scientist, wrote a scathing and sarcastic criticism of Princeton’s research methods. Rather than address the Princeton study directly, Devlin applied the Princeton logic to Princeton’s own Google trends data (the data they used to predict facebook engagement), and predicted mockingly “Princeton will have only half...

The NSA Wants To Help You Do Your Math Homework

Big Brother is watching… and he sees you’re having trouble with dividing polynomials with even integers. Would you like some help? The NSA, in addition to its duties keeping tabs on your every move, also apparently wants to improve math education, according to a page on their website. What Do You Think of The NSA’s Latest Objective: Leave a comment