Major Widespread Flaw in Apple Retina Macbook Pro Causes Flicker- No Recall Plans yet

If you’re reading this any time after we’ve published this, you’re probably one of the proud owners of the new Retina Macbook Pro, and you’re probably wondering why the fuck heck your several thousand dollar computer has flickering bars across the screen. It’s not just you. The article we wrote about this in October is one of our most popular recent articles, and forums are full of people complaining about it.

Here at the App Store Chronicle, we’ve done extensive testing and research and we can tell you that for the majority of users affected, it’s a hardware problem, not a software problem. We tested it thoroughly, reseting the PRAM, trying every fix known to man, and even completely reinstalling clean the Operating System (OSX Mountain Lion). The problem did not go away, so it’s a hardware issue.

We reached out to Apple, but they currently have no plans for a recall or replacement program of any kind… as we know from the iPod nano which wasn’t recalled until five years after they stopped selling them, Apple can be a bit stubborn on these matters.

So what does this mean for you? What should you do? Here’s my advice. If you’re having this issue, use your phone or camera to capture the issue on video, and bring it in to an Apple store. It’s tempting to call Applecare, but they’ll make you jump through hoops trying every test again before they replace it. At the Apple store, if you show them evidence, they’ll repair or replace it, because the employees are USUALLY nice. Normally, since the RMBP is so unrepairable, they’ll replace it. Or, go buy yourself a sexy Chromebook. I did, and I love it more than my mac.

Michael Sitver

Michael Sitver is a technology insider who has been blogging about technology since 2011. Along the way, he's interviewed founders of innovative startups, and executives from fortune 500 companies, and he's tried dozens or hundreds of gadgets. Michael has also contributed to works featured in Newsday, The San Francisco Chronicle, and the associated press. Michael also occasionally consults, and writes for Seeking Alpha and Yahoo News.

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