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Why I’m Thankful To Google (And Why You Should Be Too)

I could write an article about why I’m thankful for Google’s products, but I’m not going to. No. What I’m thankful for, is what Google is doing for millions of people who will probably never be paying customers. A quick preview of why I’m thankful: Bringing information to oppressed peoples Saving children from slavery and Ebola Bringing better tools to the sick and needy...

The NSA Wants To Help You Do Your Math Homework

Big Brother is watching… and he sees you’re having trouble with dividing polynomials with even integers. Would you like some help? The NSA, in addition to its duties keeping tabs on your every move, also apparently wants to improve math education, according to a page on their website. What Do You Think of The NSA’s Latest Objective: Leave a comment

Google Takes on Old Challenge With New Technology

Google Ideas, Google’s global issues think tank, announced this week a $3 million investment that they’re making into creating a global human trafficking hotline network, helping to combat a problem that has been worsening for literally hundreds of years After holding various events, and discussions on illicit networks, slavery, and human trafficking, Google ideas has started developing a system for tracking trafficking trends on...

The Obamas Snapchat The Inauguration

At yesterday’s inauguration the whole Obama family was sporting their iPhones, and one meme captured the Obama Girls Snapchatting their parent’s kiss. This “photobomb” gives us a rare glimpse into the life of the first family. Check out the photo below. It’s a less embarrassing photo than Mark Zuckerberg’s own embarrassing photo op.

Why The US Can’t Prosecute Kim DotCom

In what may violate his bail agreement, Kim Dotcom of Megaupload fame has started a new, similar service called Mega, but thanks to good timing, and good PR he’s safe. Dotcom’s launch comes conveniently (an actual coincidence  right after the death of Aaron Schwartz, a man who committed suicide after unfair prosecution for very similar crimes by the US government. The number 2 republican in the senate,...