7 Funniest iOS 7 Jokes

I for one am happy to see the refreshing iOS 7 (although some of the icons remind me of my short-lived fingerpainting career, and the colors look like something you’d see at toys R’ Us), but plenty of Fandroids had snide comments to make about Apple’s latest releases: Enjoy 7 of the best jokes about iOS 7 (including one mac joke).
  1. iOS 7 looks great. Congrats to the Google design team!
  2. iOS 7: Design inspired from Microsoft, gestures inspired from BB10, features inspired from Android.
  3. This is the same Apple that sues others for merely copying “slide to unlock”
  4. The day has come when I am excited that Apple is taking design tips from Yahoo.
  5. So. Android users may be using a system that was made in 2010. But iOS users are using system that LOOKS like it was made in 2007.
  6. Appletards are busy defending iOS. Androidtards are not paying attention. They’re searching for their charger.
  7. The New Mac Pro.
  8. And this mac is no joke

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Michael Sitver

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