Retina Macbook Pro- The First Days

I’ve had my retina macbook pro for about three days, and though I’ve reviewed it before, I do have a few comments to make, along with the more in-depth stuff later on.

This computer does the following really well!

  1. It is REALLY fast. I never knew my wifi was fast until I got my new Macbook Pro. I downloaded gigabytes of apps and installed others in just a few hours, and when you open any webpage the content is working perfectly, no buffering needed.
  2. The screen is beautiful. Kind of obvious, but it’s actually shaking how visually clear this thing is.
  3. Plays video beautifully.
  4. Barely heats up. Stay’s at a nice cool temperature.
  5. No sounds other than the fan (pretty quiet compared to past fans), and the above-average internal speakers.
  6. So thin!

There are some Weaknesses though…

  1. Some images appear blurry, pixelated, and low quality because their resolution is too low for the screen.
  2. Not all apps work well on the screen due to #1.
  3. Still pretty heavy, although much lighter than other mac options.
  4. Not cheap, but that’s not really an every-day issue.
More to come. Peace. I’m gonna go get some Skiddles Riddles and watch the daily show.
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Michael Sitver

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