LEAKED: Google’s Incredible Unreleased Laptop (video)

Could Google soon be competing with Apple, Samsung, and Lenovo on laptops? It seems so. Google’s yet unreleased Chromebook Pixel which was leaked to the web in the incredible commercial below provides indication that Google wants more skin in the game.

If you’re here regularly, you’ve heard our famous interviewees predict the fall of the PC to the tablet. Google already has immense success with their Android operating system for tablets. Their challenge came when Microsoft, in the words of Eminem “f*#ked the game up”, by combining tablets and PCs through their Windows 8 OS. Google’s Chrome Operating System, a simplified web-based operating system has almost flopped, seeing very little success, and Windows 8 seems to have served as a trigger.

This new laptop, the Pixel, is a departure from Chromebooks of the past. Google’s past chromebooks have been small, cheap, and low-statistic PCs meant for travel and web browsing. The new Chromebook Pixel has an extremely high definition display (nearly as much or more pixels than the Retina Macbook Pro line) with touch capabilities, proving to be a much higher end machine. We can only expect that Google will completely revamp their very simple Chrome OS to match this new PC.

One of the issues and advantages of Chromebooks in the past, and the Chrome Box, a desktop chrome OS computer, is that they’ve had no built-in storage capabilities, making it nearly impossible to work offline. It wasn’t a flaw of the computers, so much as a choice by Google to endorse the cloud model. The original chromebooks, which I did minor testing of, had built-in 3G internet to surf nearly anywhere. I’d expect this new, higher end machine to have more built-in solid state storage, offering offline capabilities, and some new touch-specific features, while maintaining the simplicity and advantages of Chrome OS.

Watch This LEAKED Commercial

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