Tim Cook Unveils Future in First TV Interview (With Video)

In a fantastic interview with NBC’s Brian Williams (one of my favorite reporters, and someone whom I have spoke with personally) Tim Cook spoke about the future of Apple, and his, and Apple’s philosophy.

Fun fact: According to Brian, Cook has been CEO for the introduction of three iPads, two iPhones, and three macs. That shocked me. Cook also spoke about his love of the ’60s animated Sitcom, the Jetsons from which much of our current technology was inspired by. If you remember back, I wrote here about my trip to the pharmacy, and how I realized how much of a Jetson-esque future we were living in, but according to Tim Cook, there is much more to come (including some sort of revolutionized TV which Cook said apple was looking at with “extreme interest”(although Apple already released a combo Mac/TV).

Also of note is Apple’s plan to manufacture a line of macbooks in the good ol’ USA starting next yer. If you recall, Lenovo started doing that a few months ago (read about that here). When Apple was founded, the machines were manufactured by hand from a California garage. Later on, Steve Jobs personally obsessed over a Mac factory in the USA. It was the failure of that factory that led to Apple moving their manufacturing overseas (which has obviously caused some problems. We also wrote a free PDF on the horrible labor issues going on at Apple’s Foxconn manufacturing plants. Macs are a far smaller business than iOS devices, but it’s a good start.

Here are his exact words (in the form of clips from the show.

Michael Sitver

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