How One Company Stole Pixar’s Intellectual Property from 10 Films and Didn’t Get Sued

Vídeo Brinquedo- Ever heard of it? Probably not, but if you look at their films, you’ll probably have the feeling you’ve seen something similar before. Every movie they’ve ever made has been stolen from Pixar, Disney, or another major studio. Wanna know something even more unbelievable? They haven’t been sued.

Mothers have been sued by the big studios for playing music as their kid dances and yet Vídeo Brinquedo seems to get away with plagiarism after plagiarism. Here’s a profile of some of their master pieces. Many you can find on Netflix. The even sadder part is that people buy these knockoffs thinking they’re real.

  The Little Cars- Copying Pixar’s Cars

This series came out only months after Disney Pixar’s Cars, and you can tell. The series looks like what you would  expect if a blind individual had a stroke while making a rough draft of cars and just kept pressing random buttons. 

Pixar’s Cars- The real fantastic movie

The Knockoff- The Little Cars

Ratatoing- Copying Ratatouille

This is just ridiculous. A mouse chef proving himself. The name and plot are identical and yet Pixar still hasn’t sued. Notice the Umlaut over the G to emphasize the minute difference between the two titles
The Pixar Original
The Clone


The Little Panda Fighter- Copying Dreamworks Kung Fu Panda

A Panda that does martial arts. Not a plot you would expect to see two separate production companies do by accident. Here’s the first ten minutes of this clone gone wrong.

Sue The Bastards-

When will this insanity end? These movies are harming the brand like no other and it’s blatant copyright infringement. It’s not often I say it, but it’s time to sue. Sue, Sue, Sue Pixar and Dreamworks. Sue that Video Brinquedo.
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