Nikon Features Creepy Stalker in New Camera Commercial

This is a commercial you have to see to believe. Ashton Kutcher plays stalkerish-dude-who-peeps-on-girls at the beach, but the girls don’t seem to care that he’s looking at them with his ultimate Nikon Zoom lens ;).

None of the comments on the video seem to point out the obvious creeping that Kutcher’s doing on the good looking girls on the beach. Am I the only one to see this? Is this me? What do you think? I think Nikon managed to make one very weird (and entertaining) commercial for their 2012 coolpix camera lineup. I haven’t owned a Nikon in a while (remember I announced recently my plans to purchase a Canon Rebel T3i and I also reviewed this powershot camera), but I have nothing against Nikon. This is just so strange. See for yourself.

Michael Sitver

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