Does Gangnam Style Hitting 1 Billion Views Count as the world ending?

Breaking News- The World did not end. Worst. Apocalypse ever. The only disaster that’s happened so far is the fact that people have watched Gangnam Style 1 Billion times (the most of any video ever).



By my calculations, Gangnam Style has likely made over 2 Million dollars in Youtube ad Revenue alone (assuming a $2 CPM Return). Add in single and album sales, additional concert sales, and sponsorships and Psy seems to be getting quite wealthy.

The Mayans on the other hand seem to have lost all credibility. I’m on a plane right now (writing using Gogo inflight Wifi), so does that help my chances of staying alive in the #fakeapocalypse. Who knows? Now that we have a future, see what Walt Mossberg told us about what tech companies should do to succeed in the future.

Bring back Memories?

In other news, Do you have an iPhone Cleaning Neck Tie yet (here’s our review)? And thank god for Bose QC 15s (review here). And do you have Microsoft office for iPhone yet? Here’s how to get it.


Michael Sitver

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