So the Leak Was Real… iphone 5 leaked 4 Months Early!

In May, a photo purported to show the iphone 5. Surprisingly it actually did, and they were the exact same. Apple loosening their lips? You can look at the photos I’ve taken below for comparison.

What is happening to Apple’s formerly tight lipped security? In the era of Jobs there would have been a massive cover-up, investigation, law suit, police involved and so much more. In the new era of Apple it appears that they have become apathetic with security.

I can say with certainty now, the iphone 5 was actually leaked four months early! And that’s not all. Check out what else was leaked and why here!

The photos “Leaked” in May
The Real Deal
Another of the real deal- exactly the same
Even the speaker grill, new lightening connector, and headphone jack are exactly right.
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