KGi Said WHAT? How many new Apple Devices will we see in 2012?

Today I did my usual browsing of the forums, and found this, a claim that eight new devices from Apple will be seen by the end of the year according to KGI Securities. I just wanted to clear the air on a few errors I think they’ve made. The chart is below.

Predicted Apple Release Schedule By KGI Securities


KGI has three new macs on their prediction books by mid-october. I also count three (Or two because this is more likely for early 2013) , but I think it’s a different three. 
On the Mac Side, Apple will definitely update their iMac line (I expect all at the same time, unlike them) with Retina Displays, Ivy Bridge Processors, a thinner profile (possibly minus the disk drive), and new connection ports.
KGI predicted a Retina Display 13 inch Macbook Pro in September. I think that’s at least eight months off. It’s too early for Apple to once again update the MBP line, and they want to keep that Retina display exclusive to the 15 inch as an upsell for a while.
What KGI very surprisingly didn’t mention was the Mac Pro which Tim cook has confirmed will be radically redesigned, and is slated for next year (although I think it may come out earlier).

iPods and iPads

KGI mentioned five devices in this category. My calculations indicated three (although there is a possibility of an iPod classic update bringing it to four).
I agree on the iPhone 5, and some form of new nano (probably a minor update considering the popularity of the current design- i.e. video compatibility).
Where I disagree is the iPod touch update. They predict both a new iPod touch, and iPad mini. In my mind, and according to common business sense, Apple would not release two cannabalising devices. The new iPad mini will certainly mean the end of the itouch in my mind. Plus, with a larger iPhone screen, a larger touch screen would make the difference between the devices even more minimal which gives me the certainty to predict that when a smaller iPad arrives, the itouch is G.O.N.E gone. I also don’t think the iPad will be updated until 2013. It’s still well built with few complaints and a 60% market share.

So that’s where I disagree. Let me know what you think Apple will release in 2012.

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