Sony MDR-ZX100 Headphone Review

$20 is certainly in the low range for headphones, but the Sony MDR-ZX100s are so fantastic that I had to write about them.

Sound Quality

The sound quality is as nice as some $50 and even $60 headphones I’ve used. The bass is nice, and the sound is crisp, clear, and loud enough to drown out just about any outside noise.


Another place where these headphones excel over even more expensive pairs. The padding on these is great and has barely worn. They have standard adjustability in terms of size, but they comfortably fit my ears, and my head more than many pairs I’ve used.


I’ve had my pair for one year now, and they’ve held together nicely. If you guys remember from a few months ago, I tested a Skullcandy pair which broke in under two weeks. These barely show any signs of wear after 52 weeks (a year). The construction is of solid plastic with some internal metal and the cusion is faux leather. None of it has really worn, nor has the very strong thick cable (also very easy to untangle).


If you’re looking for a $50-60 pair of over-ear headphones you can save some real money by buying these. This $20 (less online) pair of headphones is durable, sounds nice, and does it all for far less than any other comparabler pair I’ve tried. I would definately buy these again.

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