What is the Future of the Classic ipod?

The Classic ipod, barely changed since its’ inception at the turn of the century, has sold hundreds of millions and still sells well. But how long can it sell like this?

The thing that has saved the classic ipod, Apple’s only non-touch ipod with a screen from extinction is most definately its’ loyal following. Some people like the larger form factor, while others like the physical buttons, and other people have their reasons for loving it too. Some love its’ large storage.

Even with this loyal following, sales dropped recently with an increase in idevice sales. Apple knows it’s time for change, and they’re working on the latest model right now. So what will the new model have?

The newest model of the ipod classic will preserve the large hard drive, and large form while decreasing weight. We can definately expect a better screen for those who love to watch movies, and we can expect a longer battery life to entice people who normally store music and video on their phones but frequently run out of battery. Other than that, we can expect much of the same.

The ipod classic is just that. It’s a classic that will likely endure as the sole non-touch ipod (besides the shuffle) with a few minor improvements¬†for years to come.

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Michael Sitver

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