Empire Avenue- First Impressions

Note: This is not a full review, because a game like this requires at least a month of testing before judgement. The game is simple. The more social you are on the web, the more eves (virtual currency) you gain, and the higher your stock price goes. For those of you who don’t know, EA (empire avenue) is a social stock market. Your friends invest in you, and you invest in your friends, or anyone in the game. You make money if someone’s share price rises and you sell. Besides that, there is also a missions section to earn quick eaves by completing social tasks set by the person who started the task. For example, tweeting something, liking a Youtube video, and Subscribing to a Youtube channel are three that I have seen.

So is it fun? Yes. But it’s also very beneficial for your Youtube, Twitter, blog, or whatever you care about because the competition drives people to be more social, which in turn drives your social activity up. My share price is up to 23.53e after a few days, and I am looking forward to playing this further, and sharing what I have found. If you still don’t understand, I put a video below. Bye guys! Come back soon, and be sure to check out my friend Seth David’s Youtube intro to EA below, and finally check out a nice blog post he wrote on getting started in Empire Avenue.
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Michael Sitver

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