Tales From The Apple Store: Tale 1

Whenever I venture into an Apple store, there always seems to be a humorous situation unfolding before my eyes. Let’s face the fact that not all Apple users are hip young tech whizzes. So, I decided to start sharing my favorite tales from now on.

1. “You’re Ripping me off young man”

A man at the table next to me, in his mid 60 probably starts asking about the new Macbook pro. He has a beautiful year old white macbook. He asks the employee what the difference between the two computers are. The Apple employee begins to talk about the beautiful new Retina display and it’s full HD capabilities when the man interupts. The old guy henceforth known as OLDGUY started berating the young Apple employee about how he bought an Apple (literally how he described his computer) a year ago and the Apple employee said it was state of the art and now it’s obsolete. The Apple employee kept on trying to explain that that is how technology works and how older technology is frequently replaced with new innovations, but the old man continues. Finally, OLDGUY starts arguing that his screen must be a Retina display too because he watched an HD movie on it. The Apple employee kept trying to explain the concept of scaling, but OLDGUY just wasn’t taking it. Here’s how that part transpired.
OLDGUY: I Bought an HD computer.
Apple: No sir, that’s not a Retina Device.
OLDGUY: But it came with an HD video on it, and I watched it, and it looked nice.
Apple: Sir, the computer scaled down the movie to a size that would fit your device.
OLDGUY: No. No. No. You’re wrong. The picture was really clear. My apple must have the HD Screen.
…It continued like this for ten more minutes, but that’s basically how it went for the whole conversation.
Moral: Don’t buy state-of-the-art technology expecting for it to stay that way. Technology changes, and you need to buy the device that’s right for you at the time knowing that pretty soon there will be a better device. Whatever comes next may be better, but you can still enjoy your device just the same. +1 us on the button to the right or below if you agree.
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