Can Smartphones Be the Future of Film?

What is the future of film? Mobile devices have become quite viable options for hobbyists and families due to their built in editing, sharing, and high definition video capabilities, But will there ever be a day when they will be acceptable in a studio setting? I think so.

The major issue with producing video on mobile devices right now is that they are not built for professional editing. Professional editing is too precise to be controlled by touch, and it’s going to take some serious solutions to make editing on smartphones a viable option. On the other hand, devices such as the iPad have a stunning resolution that works perfectly for HD video. Sound recording and editing is also a challenge. It all depends really on future technology.

So the verdict is that until some changes are made, it’s not a viable option for filmmaking, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t already some ways to use your IOS device as a filmmaking device. That’s why tomorrow I’ll post a list of the top ten filmmaking uses for iOS.

While the iPhone isn’t ready for its’ first feature just yet, people have been making short films on it such as this one which was shot, edited, and color graded on the iPhone.

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Michael Sitver

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