4 Best Places To Sell Your Dino Electronics

If you’re reading this you’re either a regular reader of my blog, or someone who wants to sell their old [insert curse word here]. What do you want to sell? A Blackberry playbook from Black Friday? An iphone 3GS from two years ago? A netbook from three years ago? You can even sell computers that are 30 years old. People want this stuff, for spare parts, to collect, or to use if they don’t need the latest in technology.

Here are a few of the best places to get rid of your old electronics junk:

1. Gazelle.com– This is a place where you can get money for almost anything made within the last five to seven years. For example, a 32 GB iphone 3GS will currently fetch you $132 and one in good condition will get you $102. They are very convenient, and they pay in your choice of Amazon Gift Cards, Checks (for the old folks), and through Paypal. Decent prices, and very convenient.
2. Ebay.com– A rather obvious one. Someone is always looking for everything on Ebay. If you optimize your ebay post (which we will cover on this blog soon) you can get offers that are well above average. This is a very enjoyable place to auction stuff on.
3.Craigslist- Another less formal site where people are always looking for something. Somebody will buy your stuff, and Craigslist is usually very fast.
4.Securetradein.com– Guaranteed buyer who buys in bulk at great prices. I have never used them, but it appears legitimate, and the prices are the best you will find on the market from what I have seen. They buy phones, smartphones, and tablets, and it looks very easy.

Well, best of luck on selling your device. I’m too sentimental to sell most of my devices. I have a stack of crappy old cell phones, and broken ipods lying around. But, if they increase in collecting value they may soon help me recoup my investment. We shall see. If you have any suggestions, then leave them in a comment below. Subscribe to our daily email newsletter!

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Michael Sitver

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