This is What the New Macbook Pros will Have-2012

(2012) Well, many news sources are calling it. Apple will release its’ latest line of Macs in an event held on June 11th. There is a lot of speculation as to the design, but I think I can give you a pretty accurate depiction of what you can expect based on what I’ve read, what I know watching Apple for years, and common sense that some news sources just don’t have. Super fast intel Ivy Bridge processors and a higher resolution/Retina Display are definite editions so I didn’t even cover those two below FYI.

Will the new Macbook pros have Solid State Hard drives (SSDs)?

Yes. Apple has already made the switch on its’ macbook airs and offers the option as an upgrade on all of its’ other computers. SSDs have been getting cheaper for years, and now they have made it from ridiculously priced, to expensive. Apple is a luxury brand, so it is expected, and since they buy in such bulk and sell so much product they should be able to get the components at a steep discount meaning minimal price increases. So what’s the advantage of SSD? SSDs have no moving parts making them far faster, less prone to failure and damage, almost noiseless, and very light with a longer life. So, basically everything. 
Artist's Rendering of the new Machine
Expected 2012 Macbook Pro Design

Will the new Macbook pro have a disk drive?

No. Optical Drives (disk drives) are an outdated form of technology thanks to flash drives, external hard drives, and the internet. They are rarely used, and take up a lot of valuable space and weight. Apple already eliminated them in their Macbook air line, and I see no reason why they wouldn’t dump it from the MBPs. Don’t worry about your DVDs, CD software, and music though, because Apple sells a $79 (price will likely drop to $59) external drive already. If you have a mac or PC with a disk drive already, you can use Apple’s free remote disk utility as a disk drive for your new computer.

What about Ports? Will the new macbook pro have an ethernet or firewire port?

In terms of ports, since the new mac will save so much space with the elimination of the hard disk, and optical disk drive we will have more room for ports. On the 2012 macbook pro I’d expect (and sources suggest) three or four USB ports (unclear whether 2.0 or 3.0), two thunderbolt ports, an SD slot, and an ethernet port. Not all of the world is wireless yet believe it or not, and the ethernet is a necessity that is here to stay for at least the next 10 years. It’s used for connections, data transfer, and maintenance by Apple which makes it a necessity. The new 2012 line will be the end of the road for firewire though. It never quite caught on, and USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt are both far faster.

Will it really be as thin as the Macbook air?

No. The new Macbook pro will definitely be far thinner than previous models, but with the extra professional connectivity it simply will not be able to fit into that form factor. Expect a much thinner 2012 Macbook pro, but don’t expect Macbook air thin. If you liked this post, subscribe to our email newsletter to get an email with all the latest Apple. 🙂
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