3 Free iphone Photo Storage Options

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icloud is nice, but the feature-set is limited and it only stores 1,000 pictures. So where can you store your photos beyond that? Well, I have three great options for you which I listed below.

  1. Flickr– very simple uploading, great sharing capabilities via the website or social media. Embedding capabilities make it good for bloggers.
  2. Photobucket is very similar to Flickr in advantages. It is better suited for blogging due to a built in album slideshow mode which is good for photo galleries.
  3. Box.net is worth noting because they offer 50 GB of free photo space which means you can store thousands upon thousands of free photos. Their uploader also works well, although their website is far weaker and slower than other services. Their increased storage is what really puts them ahead of Dropbox and Google Drive which weren’t noted in this article, but offer much better design but far less space (no more than 10%).

Expect Google to enter this market soon. Google is obviously going for the storage market with Google Drive and they already offer great capabilities with their Picassa photosharing website (the best). Their main weakness is that both services do not yet have apps that allow photo uploading and labelling en masse. Until then, I’m stuck with Photobucket.

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