Color Zen Puzzle Game Review

Recently I’ve been on a puzzle game kick. My flight to China required a dozen hours of entertainment, and so I supplemented my usual puzzle games (UnblockMe, Flow) with a recently released iOS game called Color Zen. Here are the details on what it is, and why you should download it.

Color Zen is basically a puzzle game based entirely on color. The end goal is to have the color of the interior of the box match that of the frame. When two objects of the same color collide, or one of a certain color, and one blank, every unoccupied, or previously reacted space is turned that color. The goal is to react every piece, so that the final color is correct, and you have no remaining pieces.

Color Zen is great for car rides, and even better for car rides. It consumes surprisingly little power, while occupying hours of time if necessary. On my iPad mini, I played several hours while listening to music simultaneously, and it consumed well under 10% (screen brightness at 50%). On my iPhone it also performed amicably. The smooth movements and colorful animations are a surprising shift from your average puzzle game. Color Zen is very much a puzzle game with style.

By the way, it’s free

The best news about this game, is that like many of the best puzzle games, it’s free. Hours of entertainment won’t cost you more than the cost of the internet required to download the app (sufficiently small).

I highly recommend picking up color zen here, and checking out our list of some of the best iOS games in existance.

Michael Sitver

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