How To Use Your iPhone as a Microscope (And Convert it)

Ever wanted to see things in your life up close?  Do you not have room to carry a 9 pound telescope in your bag? Right now we are going to give you a quick and easy way to get closeup shots with your iphone for cheap.

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Step 1. Find a Camera enabled mobile device (preferably an iphone or ipad).

Without microscope lens

Step 2. Find a magnifying lense. It can be a magnifying glass or really any kind of magnifying lense. It should be relatively small. Lenses can also be bought cheaply at Walmart or other bulk stores. Lenses should also have an area around the lens that cases it in.

With Microscope lens

Step 3. Attach the lens using a vertical and horizontal rubber band that attaches it snuggly. Make sure that the center of the lens is over the phone’s camera lens and the rubber bands aren’t on that part of the lens. (This Step is geared toward iphones and may change depending on the device)

Step 4. Find out the distance at which your images are the clearest. These lenses have no focus features so you will need to find the distance at which objects are the least blurry.

Step 5. Enjoy your mini microscope. For greater magnification download one of the several magnification apps on the app store. These will add up to 32x the zoom.

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