Final Cut Fix: Music From The internet

Today I’m offering a fix I have for music from the internet or Youtube that sounds funny and out of sync in Final Cut Pro 7 and other programs.

 What likely is making the music sound weird is some sort of protection or corruption on the file that sets something off as it reaches the final cut sequence.This is an easy fix whether it’s an .aiff .mp3 or .wav.

How to Fix the Final Cut Music

  1. Locate the file and open it up in quicktime player.
  2. Make sure it plays correctly in Quicktime. If it doesn’t then you have a different problem.
  3.  Use file>Export, change the file format too something different (i.e. From .Aiff to .wav) and export it as something with a different name than the previous. 
  4. Import that new file into Final Cut and it should work correctly.

Why it works: Some file formats don’t work the same in every application. By changing the format and exporting you are essentially creating a photocopy of that file in a format that the application will accept.

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Michael Sitver

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