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Meet The NSA button

Man Creates Button To Summon The NSA To Your House

Doing a school project on the NSA? Want to meet real FBI agents, and see them in action? Well, programmer Kane Ford has you covered. Kane created a special button. On click, it runs a javascript program that searches on Google for three random terms from the NSA’s watch list – almost guaranteeing you a visit from your favorite friendly spy agency, backed by...

the best Hacking TED Talk

This Hacker Showed That Everything In My Life Is Vulnerable In Just 18 Minutes

I thought I was safe. I have secure passwords, and I’m careful with my information, but that’s not enough. In a recent TEDx talk, hacker Pablos Holman proved that seven very common things that should be secure, are in fact very vulnerable. *These guys hacked Snapchat, and even the CEO was blown away by what they did So What’s Vulnerable? 1. Car Keys Don’t...

lastpass free premium deal discount

Secret DEAL ALERT: Free LastPass Premium For a Year

Normally we only cover deals on our deals page, but this offer was too good not to share (thanks to a reader who passed it on), so I’d like to share it with you. Lastpass is discreetly offering Lastpass Premium – including mobile apps, advanced authentication methods, support, and no ads – for free! Normally that’s worth $12 per year. How To Get The Deal Go to this...

The NSA Wants To Help You Do Your Math Homework

Big Brother is watching… and he sees you’re having trouble with dividing polynomials with even integers. Would you like some help? The NSA, in addition to its duties keeping tabs on your every move, also apparently wants to improve math education, according to a page on their website. What Do You Think of The NSA’s Latest Objective: Leave a comment

Innocent Chargers Can Inject Malware Into Your iPhone

In a reminder that we’re never as safe as we think we are, some hackers from the Georgia Institute of Technology revealed that they successfully hacked an iPhone and installed malware through a modified charger, in under a minute, and without user interactions. The process was completely automated by a small onboard microcomputer called a Beagle Board they’d installed, and so small that they...