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build your own google glass wearables

How To Build Your Own Google Glass

Wearing Google Glass is an amazing experience, but $1,500 is really expensive! What if you could make your own wearable computer for under $200? This hack comes to us via Adafruit, and features a pair of those movie-screen glasses, and a Raspberry pi. The full tutorial can be found here, but we’ve summarized it for you below. How It’s Made (A Summary) Follow @msitver The...

a homemade toaster on the shelf next to consumer toasters

How To Build A Toaster In Under Six Months

This is the incredible tale of how one man built a toaster, from all-natural materials, in just six months If humanity stopped, and you were one of the last people on earth, could you rebuild society? Despite all of the technology that we’ve developed throughout history, no individuals possess enough knowledge to rebuild things like radios, and computers, and even toasters from nature, if...

man making ipad out of household materials

How To Build an iPad [Video DIY]

Want an iPad, but can’t afford one? No worries. With a few household items, you can build your own, and save yourself hundreds of dollars in the process. In a recent video by newscaster Conan O’brien, Do-it-yourself correspondent Matt Walsh demonstrated the whole process. It takes just 30 minutes of prep, 12 hours of fermentation, and there you have it, an iPad! Don’t worry....