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AmazonBasics Mini Bluetooth Speaker

This Speaker Is Amazon’s Next Step Towards World Domination

A Review of The AmazonBasic Mini Bluetooth Speaker This is the Amazon’s AmazonBasics Mini Bluetooth speaker. It cost me $26  dollars, and it was shipped to me in under three days. It’s funny how much a $25 speaker can say about a $155 billion company. If this is why every retailer is so afraid of fighting Amazon, they’re in for a tough fight. AmazonBasics...

Am I the Only One that Hates Speakers That Look Like Pencil Sharpeners?

Maybe I’m just a design snob, but I like my speakers classy, and looking like dog excrement an electric pencil sharpener is not a plus from a design standpoint. Here are four of the best and the worst designed speakers I’ve ever seen. Some of them show you that speakers can in fact be beautiful, and some burn your eyes. [slideshow gallery_id=”2″]