Watch Popular Google Searches in Real-Time: How To

Have you ever wanted to be a fly on the wall for the world’s biggest search engine? With 5 Billion (with a B) searches per day, Google is the best indicator out there of what’s hot. One google product makes it easy to watch Google’s most popular searches in real time.

Whether you work in social media and need to keep up on the latest trends, or you just want a live wall of searches in your office for fun (Why? Because it’s awesome), Google’s hot trends tool makes it easy.

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With typical google design flare, the search wall looks awesome (if only google analytics were that good looking). The search terms slide in and out of a responsive page that adjusts to the side of your browser. The search terms flip between bright colors to show change, and adjust by the second. There’s no side branding to distract from the search terms. It’s just pure data awesomeness.

They even made the grids adjustable. Here’s how: Grids can be adjusted to display anywhere from the single most popular google search term of the moment, to the 49 most popular at the moment. Go to the grid icon in the top left corner to adjust this.

Check out the tool here. and learn how to display it in the most awesome way possible here.

google hot search results trends display

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