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Well, I told you so. I said Chrome was the browser of the future and I was right. To be honest, I stopped using Chrome much on my Mac due to RAM limitations, but that will soon no longer be a problem.

Chrome’s biggest advantage may just be what made me stop using it. My mac only has 2 GB of RAM and each tab, app, and extension in Chrome takes up a massive amount of RAM. This is all thanks to a process called Sandboxing which fragments your browser and walls each tab off from the rest of your computer to keep it safe. It’s a great feature, but the usage was just too high for a 2GB RAM mac while using other applications. With newer, faster RAM, and with most high quality laptops coming preloaded with 4 GB of RAM right now, Chrome will perform much better, and I plan to use it on my next computer. I already use it on my Windows machine. We’ll also see RAM use decreases as the bloated and unstable flash fades away in favor of more well built plugins and HTML 5.


Are you still not using Chrome? Your loss.

 Other advantages include browser syncing which means that you can access all of your tabs, bookmarks, passwords, apps, and more from any computer with chrome by simply logging into your Google account. It has a massive app store with plenty of helpful apps and extensions, and its’ ease of use is second to none. Despite my RAM troubles, I’d reccomend that anyone starts using Chrome, and anyone can thanks to the widespread support, from Mac, to Windows, to Linux, and even Android (possibly IOS soon).

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Michael Sitver

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