WWDC KeynoteLive Notes Liveblog

Here are my live notes as I watch the keynote. This will later be used to sum things up.

  • sold out in 71 seconds
  • sold out in 71 seconds
    1 million daily visitors
    407 stores in 14 countries
    better tim cook – more comfortable
    Tim Cook 2.0
    370000 ipad apps
    575 million accounts
    most accounts with credit cards in the world
    Paid developers $10 billion – 5 billion in 1 year
    3x all other platforms 74% to 20% Android
    anki – company launching at WWDC- everyday robots and AI using iOS devices – 5 years in the making
    Cars react to their surroundings in real time- autonomous robots- apocolypse?
    Car didn’t drive – Live Demo LOL – 40 seconds to fix
    All controlled from iOS app – the brains, not just the controls
    mission to block aiden the car – aiden uses “weapons” – the cars are trained to react- very cool – real world videogame
    Macs – Annual growth rate 15 -3 over PC, 
    28 million copies of mountain lion – take that windows – 35% adoption to less than 5% Windows 8 adoption
    Craig Federigi – this guy is a good presenter
    10th Cat Release – first software delayed by dwindling group of cats
    OSX Sea Lion – not 
    California Themed is the next 10 – OSX Mavericks – horrible name
    extends battery life – finally
    Finder Tabs – Great – like a browser – own location – no more 10 finder windows – makes moving and copying files easier – makes full screen better
    Tagging – Give documents tags, found tags in sidebar – just like wordpress – why not just folders? Good for task management
    Multiple Displays – Menus on both, docs on both, fullscreen on one doesn’t affect the other- pan spaces independently – common sense – split mission control – drag accross displays
    Airplay – full power separate display
    Safari – created private browsing
    1.5 billion devices use webkit
    Clean new homepage – with sidebar – like a personal website – Continuos scrolling 
    Twitter and linkedin likeshare in sidebar – see what people are sharing
    shared memory research cache in safari- finally
    Safari uses 1/3 of power of firefox and chrome is 1.6 times as much
    Scrolling is faster in mail and everything – improved scrolling and optimized for retina
    Covered windows suck up power – app nap – brilliant – doesn’t use unnecessary power for things you aren’t looking at – no more closing anything
    • synced encrypted passwords and credit cards in autosuggest don’t love it – logs in for you – icloud keychain – at least you have to put in your own security code – not too bad
    • Notifications – Respond directly from notification – delete, send message, etc, – App notifications on the mac
    Notifications right on lock screen
    autoupdate apps in background – finally
    No more leather – Jony Ive got to calendar, and the whole operating system – autoawareness of things like weather on event date
    Maps – better data, and maps is now on OSX – 3D maps
    Turn-by-Turn Directions – send directions right to your iPhone in one click- can be added to apps with maps SDK
    iBooks to the mac – finally! Books on your mac. Includes textbooks
    Calendar Suggests locations, weather, etc (Tony’s pizza) – even travel time from last appointment. Adds travel time into calendar as block. notified when I need to leave
    iBooks isn’t beautiful – I miss the paper, and bookshelves- despite whatever Jony Ive thinks
    Interactive elements in ibooks are cool
    Navigate by notes – built-in study cards
    MAVERICKS IS SUCH A HORRIBLE NAME- very upsetting, but not too much of a problem
    Developer preview today- Final release this fall – that’s not happening – developer account it is
    Phil Schiller
    Macbook Air- the ultimate everyday notebook
    New line – all day battery life – very good
    Uses 4th Generation Intel Haswell – not even released yet – 40% faster graphics and more energy efficient – 1 second wakeup – 30 day standby – 
    11 inch 5- 9 hour improvement
    13 7 – 12 hours of battery life
    10 Hour Movie playbook
    45% faster flash memory
    802.11 AC faster — 3X the performance – new airports that allow for these new benefits
    airport time capsule, airport, small, 
    beamforming – enhances throughput
    999 with 128 gig double the memory for same price 11 inch
    100 cheaper 13 inch
    shipping today
    Environmentally friendly – except for the whole manufacturing thing 🙂
    Sneak Peek – that doesn’t happen
    Mac Pro – creative professionals rejoice – fastest most EXPANDABLE – good
    A new concept
    The future of the pro desktop 
    intense introduction – lights go out – like 1984 intensity – curved closeups – black makes everything look cool
    Unified thermal core
    New Generation Intel Xeon – 2X faster
    ECC 1866 MHz DDR3 Fur channel controller – 2X the speed ram – 
    10X faster than any mac pro drive ever – 2.5x any apple harddrive ever
    thunderbolt 2 – 20GPs throughput
    528GPs Dual chip GPUs – 2.5x faster
    Up to 4K displays- up to 3 built-in
    PCI Express
    New Final cut pro coming to support such an incredible machine
    Completely expandable
    Half the height – tiny – 1/8 the volume. The entire top is a handle to rotate v- 4 usb 3, 6 firewire 2, gigabit ethernet – motion sensor to light up IO ports – insane 
    Coming this year
    Built in the USA! Finally a computer built in the USA
    Pixar got to use it in advance
    300 million icloud users – took facebook 5 years to get this many
    300,000,000 itunes in the cloud users- 35 billion downloads of content synced
    240,000,000 on gamecenter (HMU thepresident)
    800,000,000,000 imessages
    7,400,000,000,000 push notifications
    Deep integration of iWork and iCloud
    new releases coming
    iWork for iCloud – mac or PC – Google Docs Competitor? Yes
    Full editing from directly in the browser – drag and drop. Works perfectly with word documents – shot at google docs and Microsoft
    I’ll probably stick with Microsoft word, but this is impressive. I’m testing complex word documents as soon as possible. Keynote is certainly more powerful than Google Docs.
    has IE and chrome – chooses chrome – I wonder why
    Edited a keynote document on Windows 8 🙂
    beta.icloud.com dev beta
    600 iOS devices sold
    97% iOS satisfaction 
    20 points happier than windows phone users – 25 points happier than android
    93% using latest OS vs 33% on Android (Jellybean)
    rough for developers more than users
    iOS 7 – Even the font of the number shows Jony Ive Signatures
    Ordeer to complexity – flatter – some looks nice, but some just looks old
    The built-in iCons and new color pallete annoy me a bit. Translucency is nice. More animation is a nice touch.
    All new depth gives three dimensional feel to photos and interface- reacts to movements – design receeds
    More circular design elements
    New photo app – very good looking – filters
    The whole operating system looks artificial and cartoony
    All-new transparent slide to unlock
    bars replaced by circles – confusing to new users- not sure if this is permanent
    Game Center is hideous – Mail looks nice – news stand looks nice too
    Gone is the familiar settings panel
    Pinch for weather overview with time – hoof ifrs
    calendar brings same innovations as on mac
    Messages look childish
    Swiping in messages like sparrow is good
    Wozniak in attendance
    Multipage folders- up to hundreds of items – brilliant
    Notifications has a today view of weather, calendar, stocks, birthdays – fantastic – From the lock screen- scary a bit – I hope it’s secured
    • Control center- brightness, music, volume, wifi, camera, air drop – awesome – Great addition
    Multitasking – called it – maintain battery life – multitasking for all apps – with great battery life -finally
    Background activity for frequently used apps – and notices patterns like morning news checks – updates apps in the background
    Swipe between running applications instead of searching through app icons – about time – not 2 up at once though
    Safari is more full-screen based – smart search – unified bar for search, and URLs + iCloud Keychain-
    SWIPE NAVIGATION – hope I can turn it off
    One tap access on new tabs – how many tabs allowed – no longer limited to eight- finally – looks unlimited- icloud tabs for jumping to things you were looking at on your mac- reorder – that’s new
    Flashlight built in to control center- kills a lot of apps, but it’s a good thing
    Still hoping for a new iPad Mini
    • Air Drop for iOS! Competes with samsung’s similar items – easy sharing with friends around you, from 3rd pary apps too – and airplay. Very positive addition
    Peer to peer gaming – encrypted – that’s important.
    Only supported by iPhone 5  – Air Drop
    cropped, panorama, camera, and video in one, plus live filters – instagram competitor
    Photo organization! Another necessary item.
    Photos in iOS 7
    • organized by moments – Organized by Locations, dates, etc.
    • Zoom in and out of collections for very nice organizations – makes organization far easier
    • Tap and scrub to find a photo- that’s a positive – photo filters for editing – an expansion of the limited editing features added last time
    Photos are worth a clap – icon isn’t intuitive though, making it harder for new users. Photo app should be a clear icon of photos.
    Siri – new interface – sound wave of you speeking
    • all new voice (who cares) you can choose a man or woman
    Can now control device – increase brightness, play voicemail
    Integrated twitter to find info, Wikipedia (big), and Bing (Why?). Face it that bing sucks.
    iOS in the car. ioS on car screen, or eyes free. Big siri integration
    • maps, music, messages, calling
    • Lots of car manufacturers – from mazda to ferrari
    App Store now has age range and “apps near me” location popularity. Find knicks app at msg and louvre app in france. Good idea. design is similar except lighter
    Automatic App updating! Finally! A huge feature
    Shows all purchased music – Stream anything – videos, movies, music, without having to download
    Album view – tap to zoom into an album
    iTunes Radio – songs trending on twitter, WWDC songs, create your own stations – Pandora killer. Don’t have to buy anything. No ads. And you can buy music directly from. Skip to next song whenever. It’s Pandora. Patent infringement? – ad supported- ad free for itunes match users.
    audio-only facetime calls – factime audio
    notification sync- one notification – not on every device
    Activation Lock – If a thief tries to turn off fMI or wipe device, they will not be able to reactivate – genius – will kill theft! This is revolutionary

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