Big Things Coming From WWDC 2013

With a plummeting stock price, and an aging product line, now is the time for Apple to show the world why they’re still the most innovative company in the world, and evidence shows that they will. Here’s what we expect from 2013 Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), based on rumors, evidence, and data.


  • OSX 10.9: The latest Mac operating system will be full of enhancements. We’ll likely see more apps built specifically to utilize the benefits of the retina display, and more integration with mobile.
  • Itunes: There have been rumors circulating for quite a while of some form of iTunes service to compete with streaming companies like Netflix, Spotify, or Amazon. Odds are that they’ll launch some form of program in 2013, possibly at a separate event, but possibly at this event instead.
  • Mac: Mac hardware is going to be a big area for change. Apple may unveil which line they will make in the US. They will also likely unveil a new Mac Pro, and a new thunderbolt display with Retina, likely one of the highest definition displays ever built. We may see new macbook airs, but they will not be retina, as explained in this previous post we wrote.
  • iOS: We’ll finally see the heavily speculated iOS 7. Supposedly, Ive had removed the anthropomorphism that he had so detested in previous iterations of the operating system. With his newly found control, he supposedly flattened and smoothened the design, building a more minimalistic operating system. In addition, to compete with Android and Windows Phone 8, Apple will build in live homescreen previews of applications, allowing for apps to provide information such as the temperature from directly on the homescreen/springboard. We may also see an improved multitasking operation, likely only available on the iPhone 4S and later, allowing for two apps up at once.

No New iPhones, iPads, iPods at WWDC 2013

Based on normal upgrade schedules, we’re not expecting any new devices beyond macs at WWDC. The iPhone is definitely staying the same, despite some rumors of a cheaper model, and the larger iPad will also remain the same. The iPad Mini’s future is up in the air. They may release a new model tomorrow, or wait until the fall (the more likely of the two). As for any hope of an Apple television, don’t get your hopes up. The rumor mill hasn’t even shown a shred of evidence of such a momentous announcement.

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Michael Sitver

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