Review: Windows 8 Kickstart, By James Howard Russell

When Microsoft released Windows 8, a lot of users were left dazed and confused, (see video at bottom), and even I had some unanswered questions. Windows 8 is designed (and confusingly so) to frustrate. Still, once you master all of its nuances, it’s got some incredible features that make it worth the hassle (maybe).

For new users of Windows 8 looking for guidance, I highly recommend James Howard Russell’s new book, Windows 8 Kickstart, which provides fantastic instructions on getting to know the OS, while also offering helpful tips and tricks for more experienced users.

One of the greatest testaments to Mr. Russell, is that he has managed to go into detail on a ridiculous number of features, while still breaking each step down into easy-to-follow directions. Learning becomes linear, and learning the operating system becomes much easier.

Ever detail, from the partners involved in creating the sports app, to the various different versions of print app, has been thoroughly researched, and it shows.

Another area of excellence, is in the book’s design. Kickstart makes frequent use of special side-boxes, screenshots, and tables, to make the book more enjoyable, and usable as a reference guide. After I read through it, I found myself frequently referring to Kickstart, as I tested Windows 8. It was my companion through the fire(too figurative?), helping me move my tests quickly along, and coming to my rescue if I got a confusing message of some kind , and didn’t know what to do next.

If I had this book when I started using Windows 8, perhaps I would have enjoyed it more

Check out this page, which illustrates my point on its’ design, and definitely pick Windows 8 Kickstart up here.
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