Samsung Has a History of Copying Success

Samsung is notorious for their multi-billion dollar settlement, ordered and then held back by a court after a massive patent war brought on by Apple. The thing is, in the past they’ve copied much more blatantly. It’s a wonder they weren’t sued by any of these companies.

Blackberry And The Samsung Blackjack II

In the age of the keyboard smartphone, Samsung wanted in. As you can see below, not only did they copy the design from top to bottom of a blackberry, they even ripped off the name. Think about it. Blackberry. Blackjack.

Samsung Blackjack II Blackberry

Razr-thin, Like a Blade

Remember the Motorola Razr, Motorola’s ultrathin bestselling feature phone? As soon as it was popular, Samsung entered the ultrathin phone market with their own (similar looking) competitor. The Blade. Razr + Blade = Razorblade. So how about that? Similar much? You decide.

razr blade samsung motorola




More examples can be found on this Quora thread.

And two final photos that make a point…

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