Hello From 35,000- Thanks To Gogo

Hello fellow nerds. Today I’m covering Gogo inflight internet… from 35,000 feet in the air! Thanks to Gogo for letting me try their one day pass ($14.95) which is a two day pass in this offer because of the holidays. They also offer a subscription pass for $35 on one airline and $40 for every airline per month along with several other pass types.

I did a speed test. The Download and upload speeds clocked in at .26 mb/s and the latency clocked in at around 254 MS. These are relatively slow but not a snail’s pace.  Youtube is definitely very watchable albeit a little slow on Gogo. Don’t think you will be able to upload videos to Youtube on Gogo. It would take like 8 hours and the maximum length of a flight on a US airline with Gogo is probably below eight hours because it is solely domestic.

  • Stay connected in the sky
  • Hulu works pretty well although you may have to reload a few times. I watched Jimmy Fallon on SNL and it was great.
  • Youtube works.
  • It’s decently fast for Wifi on a plane

  • As for netflix, No such luck. I waited 3 minutes and 42 seconds for the player page to load at which point an error message came up. I tested it three times. It does not work, which kind of stinks.
  •  It can only be used on one device at a time so there’s no surfing on the iphone and MBP at the same time or sharing.
  • It’s a little expensive.

Who I would recommend this for: Bloggers. People on flights over 3 hours that want to watch some videos. Businessmen who need to stay connected to their workplace and get work done. Facebook Addicts.

Conclusion: Gogo is a great service because it allows you to surf the web for a few bucks from 30,000 feet in the air. I was disappointed by the one device rule and think that for $15 people should be able to surf from more than one device at a time. They should offer a family pack which allows access on 2-3 devices. It is a little expensive but video watchers, bloggers, and businessmen certainly get their money’s worth on flights over 3 hours. Try it out for yourself if you fit my description, and if you do then be sure to use your Wifi to stop by here at Appstorechronicle.com for the latest content. Subscribe to our feed for new content daily.

The Wifi pass was provided free of charge by Gogo for purposes of our review. We have no other commercial relationship.

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