Microsoft Crosses Line In Attack Ad on Google Docs – Microsoft and Google

Microsoft and Google – Tech’s New Rivalry?

Microsoft really needs a new marketing team. In a new ad released Friday, Microsoft attacked its’ rival, Google Docs, for not being able to open Office documents without reformatting.

Not only is it just a generally nasty ad, which is in very poor taste. The ad also blames Google for something that is Microsoft’s fault. The reason that some documents don’t open correctly, is that Microsoft codes their documents into a proprietary format that can only really be descrambled perfectly by Microsoft’s own software.

Unlike Microsoft, Google uses open standards to make sure that Docs documents open perfectly on any computer, in any program. Microsoft is essentially blaming Google for their own defensive measures.

Until today, I’ve  been enjoying a subscription to Microsoft’s Office 360 subscription service, but after this ad, I’ve decided to unsubscribe. The fact that they blame Google for something so absurd, in the shameless promotion of their own defective products, is just plain disgusting.

Attempts to reach Microsoft for comment were unsuccessful, but after the initial reception to the ad, they’ve made the video unlisted, so as to stop people from finding it. At press time the video had 77 likes, and 98 dislikes, showing that most consumers agreed.

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What is Microsoft’s advertising team doing?

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