Exclusive: How To Use Microsoft Office on Your iPhone For Free- No Jailbreaking

What if I told you that you could use Microsoft Office on your iPhone right now for free, no jailbreaking involved? Would you call me insane? Well, let me fill you in on a secret. You can, and I’ll show you how to get Microsoft Office for your iPhone right now, for free.

Before I show you the app, let me point out some of the insane features. It has feature-loaded versions of the real Microsoft Office programs (i.e Word, Powerpoint, Excel). It Syncs with your choice of popular cloud storage options (box, skydrive, Dropbox, Google drive- What I use). Graphs, charts, pictures, it’s got nearly everything… and it’s free! And I’ll fill you in on the name of the app below…

Untitled            Untitled


…The name of the app is CloudOn, and it is fantastic for the price of free. Cloudon is available for free here, and requires no jailbreaking. If you appreciated me sharing this with you, share this post with your friends, and sign up for our daily newsletter, or at least leave a comment.

Michael Sitver

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