Apple iPad Mini Keynote Event Summary Part Two (Sparknotes)

Here’s part two of our summary. This includes the details on BOTH new iPads.

4th generation ipad with A6X processor

  • holiday power play by Apple
  • double CPU performance vs previous
  • double graphics vs previous
  • 10 hr battery life
  • facetime HD
  • expanded LTE
  • tons of carriers
  • 2 times faster wifi
  • lightning connector- about time- brings conformity to brands and allows for more accessories
  • usb and sd converyer and hdmi vga
  • well kept secret
  • same price and design
  • Smaller iPad (iPad Mini)

  • iPad Mini is official title
  • incredibly thin
  • wider aspect ration than competitors
  • 23% thinner at 7.2 mm- as thin as pencil
  • .68 pounds 53% lighter
  • as light as pad of paper
  • same resolution screen as ipad 2
  • black and white models
  • 275,000 apps dedicated
  • more room to browse than competitors such as Kindle Fire
  • no dedicated tablet apps in android
  • why are they (apple) comparing to ipad 2?
  • apple A5 Processor- way old
  • facetime hd frontside and 5 MP isight cam on back
  • lightning connector
  • new smart cover
  • 16 GB starting model
  • $329 starting price for wifi model- $200 cheaper than original

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