IPS- Super Realistic Screen Technology Goes “Main Stream”

IPS (In-Plane Switching) Screens have become popular tablet displays for their color quality, excellent realism, and beauty, but over the past month or so they have gone into the main stream in computing, in the new iMac, several Windows 8 PCs, and a certain LG screen which went viral on Youtube. These super-realistic displays are the future of computing (until something new comes along).

Perhaps the funniest example (almost as funny as these mac memes) of how realistic images appear on this screen is in the video below, where elevator goers are tricked into believing the floor is collapsing under their feet. It’s really quite remarkable, and it garnered several million Youtube views already.

That’s not the biggest buzz for IPS though. The new, ultra-thin (only 5mm thick) iMac features an iPS display with several million pixels that has no air gap between the glass and the display. This means crisper, brighter images with less distortion. The new iMac’s stats indicate that the new display is meant for creating, from photo editing, to video editing, and advanced graphics. Apple is using the simplicity and bold design to groom the iMac line to eventually (a few years down the line) replace the Mac Pro permanently as the only Mac.



Michael Sitver

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