The Decision: Computer Edition

(Based on Lebron James’ Decision, Credit: ESPN )

For months you’ve been publicly deliberating on whether it’s time for a new computer and what you will get. You’ve had everybody else biting their nails. So I guess it’s time for them to stop chewing. The answer to the question everybody wants to know: Editor, what’s your decision?

In this fall, this is very tough, in this fall I’m going to take my talents to Cupertino and buy a Retina Display 2.3 GHz 15 inch Macbook pro.

The Retina Display 2.3 GHz 15 inch Macbook pro? That was the conclusion you woke up with this morning? 

That was the conclusion I woke up with this morning.


Like I said before, I feel like it’s going to give me the best opportunity to do well by this blog and my other hobbies. I got a 500 GB SSD because I am a data junkie and I need the room. The extra room and the extra speed will help me a lot in my video editing work, photo and graphics creation, and other endeavors. The 720P HD FaceTime camera, and just the pure speed built into this computer will allow me to speedily video chat in HD while working, and the faster computer was ultimately necessary when testing apps for this blog. The other advantage over say a regular 15 inch is the weight difference. This 15 inch weighs about .5 pounds less than my current 13 inch, which is a key factor when carrying it around all day. The older design 15 inch is much heavier. I literally carry around my computer for eight hours a day or more along with other things, so weight is very important me. We’ll keep you updated. If you like The App Store Chronicle, and the free content we provide, Give us a Google Plus +1 to show us you like it, and help others find the site.

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Michael Sitver

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