Make your droid look like an iphone

We’ve all seen the commercials. “If you don’t have an iphone… You don’t have an iphone”. But for Android users you can at least get something that looks like ios for free in the google play store.
The App is called iphone 4S and the name describes it well. The app emulates the iphone spring board home screen down to the last detail. When you click on an app icon from ios, it brings you to its’ Android equivelent in apps.
For Safari it brings you to your browser. For the app store it brings you to the play store. It’s a humerous way to make yourself feel like an iphone user. They’ve even created in-depth lock screen and Siri emulators. Check it out in the play store for free today.

Fake Springboard Home Screen on iphone 4S for Android- Galaxy Note
The Mock Home Screen
fake siri on iphone 4S for Android- Galaxy Note
Mock Siri

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