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the everything store interview

Tech Book Club Is Back!

Tech book club is coming, and it’s going to be amazing. Back in June, we unveiled Tech Book Club, a club for reading and discussing books related to tech. We also announced our first book, “The Everything Store” by Brad Stone, a fascinating history of Jeff Bezos, and the creation of Amazon. After months of prep, we’re finally ready to release our first author...

Tell Us What You Want! (2014 Reader Survey)

Every year, we ask you all for feedback on what we’ve done right, and wrong in the previous year, and what you’d like to see for the coming year. If you’d like a blog catered to your tastes, fill out the survey below, and this blog will be tailored to the preferences you and your fellow readers set. The Survey  

Our new manifesto

Apple’s latest keynote served as an epiphany for me. Apple is no longer newsworthy. It’s not that they don’t make amazing products, and it’s not that they aren’t an amazing company. They’re just boring. I’ve found this to be a general trend these days, beyond Apple: smartphones and tablets are boring to read about. Take the Nexus 5. The continual stream of leaks completely...

Our New Slogan, and why we chose it

You might notice we have a new slogan in our header today. “Sharing technology. Informing the world”. This is our new beta slogan (as in, it’s in testing). This slogan serves as our new public mission statement, and a statement of what we believe in. It’s what makes The App Store Chronicle, The App Store Chronicle, and it’s what sets us apart from other...