Why We Need An Indestructible iphone

Hey My Fellow Nerds,
You know what one of the most depressing things about my iphone 4 is? It’s incredibly well designed, and yet I must keep the nice brushed metal, glass back, and glass front buried in a see of plastic, and rubber protection. The Plastic gets scuffed, so the glass doesn’t. Either way, when I take my phone out of
my pocket, there are scuff marks marring the screen. I wish I could just liberate my phone from it’s protective prison.

That is why Apple needs to build a nearly indestructible iphone. This iphone should still have brushed metal side buttons, but it should be waterproof, which has been done before by an Android Tablet maker. I want to be able to have my phone on the beach (which I did once, although it didn’t end well). I want a phone that I can drop without worry. Gorilla Glass 2.0 is giving me hope, but I think we will soon have better, faster, stronger phones and I am excited. I just hope Apple doesn’t miss the boat. Let me liberate my beautiful iphone from the Ugly and evil case. Until then, we will just have to deal with designer cases if we want beauty. Thanks for reading my rant. Subscribe to our newsletter, for more rants, and non rants (ie Tips, Tricks, Reviews, How To’s). Bye.

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Michael Sitver

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