Review: Recorder Pro- The Best iPhone Recording App?

Are you in a band? Are you a public speaker? Do you like the sound of your own voice? If the answer to that question is yes for you, you may be the perfect customer for Recorder Pro ($.99) the best recording app on the iPhone and IOS.

Recorder pro is a well designed recording apps built for anything from notes to self to full lectures. Recording is literally as easy as pressing the red button, and sharing is even easier thanks to one unique feature I’ll mention later.
Beyond its’ super fine design, it boasts a strong set of features that set it apart from the rest of recording apps. First of all, it can record to four formats which are AIFF, WAV, AIFC, and CAF. This gives you compatibility with just about anything audio-related.
For casual notes you can record in 8KHz and not worry about using up much memory. Beyond that they offer a second recording level known as good at 22 KHZ which is for better quality recordings, mostly of voice. The third, and most storage-intensive option is a stunning 44.1 KHz which is CD quality. It’s all easily labelled to make learning it a breeze. Auto-pause means that after a predetermined amount of silence, the recording will pause automatically to save on storage.
Sharing is where this app differentiates itself the most. To share your recordings to your computer quickly, you simply connect to wifi on your computer, and on your phone and click into the sharing tab on the app. The app gives you a short, quick-to-type IP address on the wifi network from which you can access all your recordings. Simply enter the address into any web browser and a mini-download site pops up allowing you to quickly and easily download all of your recordings. It’s absolutely way beyond any other recording app. You have to try it. Looking for a type of app? We can help. Our editors have tried thousands of apps and if you contact us using the form, we’ll give you a recommendation for free.
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