Doors, Clear Vision Add Levels, Enhance Gameplay

Today I’ve got news as to two games I’ve previously highlighted. And I also included the keynote on Xbox’s great looking new technology, Xbox glass which unifies your devices and makes them work together.

 During the review of Clear Vision 5 I mentioned that the developer told me they were planning on adding more levels. Indeed they have, and although they didn’t add many, once again all of the levels were original, well built, and this time it was a more complete game experience. So that’s in the app store now if you want to check it out. Also check out our review on it to learn more

If you remember, we wrote a level guide for Doors, which was a super addicting puzzle like game. Apparently they’ve added levels, although I haven’t yet gotten a chance to play them. I’ll update the level guide soon though, so if you need help, it will be there.

Finally, on to Xbox glass. This new technology is launching this fall, it will work on every platform from Windows phone 7, to android, to (thank god) ios. The technology will attempt to use all of your devices to enhance your digital life. For example, if you’re watching baseball using their technology on your tv, your tablet would be displaying a stats app that makes it simple to follow. Tablets can be used as a tool for Xbox games in an obvious competitive move with the Wii U. It’s cool, but you have to see it for yourself. Check it out here.

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