Skullcandy Ink’d Review- Black 2013 (updated)

Recently I needed an an affordable pair of headphones for a trip to a country where I didn’t want to risk losing my good pair of earbuds (See Skullcandy 50/50 review here ), so I paid a visit to my local electronics retailer (probably Radioshack but I don’t remember) and purchased the Skullcandy Ink’d Buds.

Skullcandy Inkd headphones
Skullcandy Inkd headphones

From the start, I wasn’t expecting an incredible pair for $30 less than my other Skullcandy pair. They pleasantly surprised me in initial sound testing. The sound was rich with a nice bass. They couldn’t match my Bose, but they stood up well to my Skullcandy 50/50s. The design is nicer than standard buds in that price range, and they fit well into my narrow ear canals. But these were just lab tests and observations, so the real testing was done in a week of traveling.

Throughout two plane rides and a layover to my destination, the earbuds worked impressively. The sound was great, and it blocked plenty of noise from the two full flights. The earbuds worked well for the duration of my travels… until my flight home was delayed. My neighbor on the plane tripped on my headphones on the way to the bathroom, and the connection broke. I have had headphones withstand worse than this. This pair just broke apart. After about 10 days, this was the end of my Skullcandy ink’ds. Sadly they were broken beyond repair. I can’t say it was entirely the headphone’s fault. They stood up admirably to other pressures. But the fact that they broke this early is troubling. Luckily  Skullcandy offers an “aggressive listening” replacement program, so next time I buy a new pair, I get them 50% off.

My advice: The sound quality on these are nice, and the price is right at $20 (cheaper here), but if I were you, I would spend an extra $20 and get a pair of Skullcandy Titans, which are stronger, and higher quality for $40. If you are clumsy, buy an extra pair. I use 50/50s which are great. I hope this helped. Be sure to explore our other reviews, tips, and tricks on the site. Got a question or comment? Leave it below in the comments. If it’s private or you want private followup, just head over to our contact page.

Design:(3/5) Durability:(2/5) Quality: (3/5) Value: (4/5) Overall: (3/5) Good

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