Google Plus Pulls A Facebook, Redesigns entire site

In a truly unprecedented and unexpected move, Google Plus, Google’s social network, completely redesigned their site today. Some disagree with me, but it seems to me that they have based their new design on their chief competitor, Facebook’s timeline. The features they added are very similar to features that Facebook added a few months ago. First of all, they created a chat bar on the right hand side (nearly identical to Facebook). Secondly, they added a timeline, with conversation-like posts. Thirdly, they added a cover photo (completely Facebook’s idea) to people’s profile. Lastly, they changed the layout in a way that makes it look literally like a mirror image of Facebook. It’s ridiculous. In the age of the patent war, I can’t imagine a lawsuit by Facebook is far off.

But in the meantime, How uncreative can they get? They seriously look exactly alike. Look for example at the header. Even the framing on the profile picture is the same. And it’s embedded onto the cover photo in nearly the same way. Seriously G+? Seriously? What do you guys think?

New Google Plus Profile

Facebook Profile/Timeline
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