Gnomies Subscription Review

I recently purchased a quarterly Gnomies Subscription and so far it seems like it will pay off. I have been a fan of Chris Pirillo for a long time, so this more exclusive access to him and his team has been nice. I will keep you posted ever so often, but for now I’ve gotten some great stuff guys.

So far I’ve downloaded three free ebooks which were pretty useful, and read several “exclusive articles. I wish they would post more than one daily, but this is a fairly new club and I think they will. I have also gotten a free download of a Blog SEO webinar by Matt Ryan, and a Youtube Webinar by Chris. I’m soon going to watch his house tour too. One thing that has been lacking for me so far is the promotion. I don’t understand how he’s going to promote Gnomie websites such as mine, (The App Store Chronicle). We shall see. In addition Gnomies have several private chat rooms (including an IRC which is live on Lockergnome’s Daily Live Youtube video and I could see as a future promotion tool) and a nice Facebook group with Chris, Matt, and other Gnome Writers as frequent question-answerers. There is some other free stuff, but nothing too valuable besides the idrive deal… Although if you’re a Gnome Stalker Chris posted a video from his childhood in the Facebook group. So check it out and tell me what you think. If you’re a Gnomie already then let me know below, and be sure to check out my other posts, tweet this out, and subscribe for daily content via RSS or Newsletter.

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