Review: Speck PixelSkin HD TPU Case for iPhone

The Snazzy Case- You can click the photo to learn more

Today we will review the Pixelskin HD case by Speck. This case is a rubber case that covers the back and sides of the phone. We put it through its paces today.

Pros: This case is a pretty effective shock absorber. It’s made of a strong rubberlike polymer called TPU and the stylish back is actually great to grip. I feel safe putting my baby in it. The grip is designed like a hand grenade. It fully protects all buttons except for the lock switch and it doesn’t bubble your screen with a screen protector.

Cons: This case is less protective than some hard cases and it keeps heat in which can make the phone a little too hot. On rare occasions the case comes off slightly because it is so rubbery.

Conclusion: This is a great case for people who want some protection, comfort and style. If you are going to be doing extreme sports with your phone then you may want a case with more protection but for most this is more than enough. The fact that this works so well with screen protectors is an added bonus.

Rating: (4/5)

Now for some entertainment. Check out the wipeout below!

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