Tech News Of The Week: Blackpedia, RIP Megaupload, and more

This week has been extremely stuffed with tech news. Here are all of the headlines I can possibly call from memory.

Wikipedia Goes Dark- Wikipedia, Reddit, and thousands of other websites went dark on Wednesday in protest of the proposed SOPA and PIPA bills. These efforts apparently worked too, and tons of Senators and congressman have gone from public support to public dissaproval of the bills.

FBI Shuts Down Megaupload- The FBI shut down Megaupload on Thursday and arrested its’ founders. Can they be charged for founding a free and open file sharing website? I hope not. They deserve freedom and Megaupload deserves to exist. Kim Kardashian, Lil John, Chris Brown, and several other famous people have come out publicly in support of Megaupload despite the fact that nearly 90% of them work for the media companies that are trying to shut down Mega Upload.

Apple Releases New Education Softwares– More on this coming in a post tomorrow. Come back for the full story.

And that’s the news of the week. Be sure to show your support for the web by contacting your senators, and subscribe to our Email list on the left sidebar so that we can spam you (Just kidding- We will only send you a daily email about the post of the day. No Spam). Enjoy your weekend.

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Michael Sitver

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