This Must Be The Apocalypse! Microsoft Tech Support Impressed Me

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Their Grammar hasn’t improved one bit

Normally I’m not impressed by Steve Balmer and Co., but as I was playing around with the Microsoft’s support section, their new support plan impressed me. This is from reading the description, but it actually seems like Microsoft has made an effort to improve their horrid customer service. Everything has improved except the grammar of their agents.

See this passage from their support page:
“We’ve got your back.
Protect your Surface with Microsoft Complete

Make sure you get the most from your Surface with Microsoft’s extended warranty and support service.* You’ll get coverage for hardware damage, even from spills or drops, and we’ll provide expert technical support for two years.

Get real peace of mind for one low price.

If any issues come up, get help quickly with an Answer Tech at or bring your device into a Microsoft retail location, and we’ll have you back up and running in no time. The service includes:

  • Hassle-free hardware protection, even for accidents like drops or spills
  • Direct connection to our friendly Microsoft Answer Techs for almost any issue with your device”

If this is true, it’s a real shift from the “Have you turned it of and on?” support system of the past decade. They now offer online support where you can choose your representative  and there are photos of each rep (although the time I tried it, I was redirected to another agent because my rep was “with another customer”).

They also offer “hassle free” replacement and repair of hardware for accidents. We all know how much of a hassle getting a broken PC fixed used to be.

So, for once, Microsoft I commend you for bringing real noticeable change to your support system. Your Operating System still sucks. (here’s why).

Have you seen any improvement in MS support? Have you had any funny encounters with them?

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