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This Hacker Showed That Everything In My Life Is Vulnerable In Just 18 Minutes

I thought I was safe. I have secure passwords, and I’m careful with my information, but that’s not enough. In a recent TEDx talk, hacker Pablos Holman proved that seven very common things that should be secure, are in fact very vulnerable. *These guys hacked Snapchat, and even the CEO was blown away by what they did So What’s Vulnerable? 1. Car Keys Don’t...

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How To Build A Toaster In Under Six Months

This is the incredible tale of how one man built a toaster, from all-natural materials, in just six months If humanity stopped, and you were one of the last people on earth, could you rebuild society? Despite all of the technology that we’ve developed throughout history, no individuals possess enough knowledge to rebuild things like radios, and computers, and even toasters from nature, if...